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The wind instrument atelier Inderbinen opened on 1 March 1985, in a small facility at Aarauerstrasse 38 in Buchs, Aargau, Switzerland. Thomas Inderbinen began work on his own, repairing and selling woodwind and brass instruments. Soon he took on an employee and began training an apprentice in repair work as the business grew. In August 1988 he was able to expand, adding a spacious storefront. Besides the small adjustments and occasional instrument overhauls typical of an instrument repairshop, early on Thomas was already doing special modifications, above all on trumpets. Eventually the modification of existing instruments no longer satisfied him, and he began to develop and construct his own trumpets. By the end of the eighties the first models in Bb and C were born, with the tips and guidance of many top-notch musicians – a collaborative process that has continued with subsequent instruments.
In February 1994, operations moved to a new space down the street, at Aarauerstrasse 9. With its large retail space and roomy workshop, this facility offered the possibility to launch further instrument building projects and keep expanding the team of employees.
In December 2002 we presented a new logo.

Inderbinen Logo

along with changing the name to INDERBINEN brass and woodwinds. Setting IN and BINEN in bold is meant to embody the high precision with which we conduct our repairwork as well as the construction of our own instruments.


The handwritten


stands for the essential role of handcraftsmanship evident in the tiniest detail of all our work.

Over the years our selection of handmade instruments has grown. We build high-quality trumpets, cornets, flugelhorns, trombones, euphoniums, saxophones and flutes for both amateur and professional musicians from Switzerland, Europe and the entire world. For some time now we have been utilizing the entire building at Aarauerstrasse 9, including the upper floors for the business. We now have at our disposal several specially acoustically modified showrooms as well as a small concert space with stage and piano. Ten people now work at the company; this number generally includes apprentices. Our work is multifaceted - ranging from sales, repairs and rentals to the manufacture of wind instruments - and presents us with new challenges every day. We accept these challenges gladly and give everything we have to meet our customers needs.