Our passion is unlimited! It is possible to achieve one-of-a-kind quality with materials from steel, bronze and nickelsilver to silver and gold. Our 18 karat gold flute is proof.

By our special working of various metals and alloys we create a resonance with incredible sound quality. Evenness in all registers and ease of response from pianissimo to fortissimo are other agreeable results! The purity of the overtones sets the air vibrating with such strength that the full sound in all its depth and energy will reach listeners all the way in the back of the hall as if they were sitting in the front row.

Imagine you are playing the flute surrounded on all sides by listeners, and the sound colour is the same for those before and beside you, as well as for those behind! It must be heard to be believed. The rosegold tube, with its 0,41 mm wallthickness and its many tiny details - combined with our exceptionally fine handiwork - makes the flute an extraordinary instrument both to play and to behold.


Features:H-foot - open holes - inline
Price:on request