The trumpet Extra emerged from an idea: how big can a bell get and still be compatible with a large-bore trumpet? We took it to the limit.

Equipped with such a large bell, the Extra still sounds clearly like a Bb trumpet. It is easy to play across several octaves and stays open und broad even in the extreme high range. The model gets used both as a solo instrument and as a lead trumpet.

When Arturo Sandoval played this trumpet for the first time, he almost could not let go of it. Since then we have built an Extra just for him, which he then had gold-plated.

"Playing at Bluenote New York City. 12 shows, everybody asked about your horn!" - "I'm using your horn everyday, I love it!!!" Arturo Sandoval

Bore:11.89 mm
Bell:150.00 mm
Weight:1'200 g

Features:raw brass - handhammered
Price:CHF 5'850.--