Sometimes it takes years… and suddenly here it is.
Our baritone saxophone (low-A and low-Bb) are finally complete, and we are incredibly proud of the results. After three years of development we were able to achieve a sound unique in the bari sax world, boasting warmth, flexibility, XXL-volume, bassiness, playability, ease of response and super intonation – all done purely by hand.

The low-Bb instrument is so pliable in its playability that it tempts the musician to a virtuosity and phrasing that he/she would normally never dare. The baritone saxophone just plain cooperates – incredible! Thanks to its ease of play, it is closer to a tenor sax than a bari.

As a passionate saxophonist myself, I think both models will set milestones.  


Features:raw brass - handhammered
Keywork:raw brass
Price:CHF 19'500.--