Our trombones Ballet offer a full variety of sound possibilities. When playing them in the low, middle or high register, the sound colour and quality stays the same. Nevertheless, a musician can easily create his or her own favourite sound. After the first few notes, it becomes apparent that the trombones are well suited as solo instruments. The dark sound is improved by a tiny bit of french horn influence. To get a very rich and powerful sound, we have a model with a bigger bell, which seems to be slightly darker. For a very singing and flexible sound, the smaller bell offers more possibilities.


Features:raw brass - handhammered
Mouthpiece: trombone small shank

Small Bell

Dual-Bore:12.70/13.34 mm
Bell:217 mm
Weight:1'500 g

Price:CHF 6'150.--


Large Bell

Dual-Bore:12.70/13.34 mm
Bell:231 mm
Weight:1'600 gr

Price:CHF 6'150.--